“I am the only author…”

“I am the only author of the dictionary that defines me.”

-Star Jones

I found this quote today on the blog www.diabeticizme.wordpress.com. I really liked it because it has to do with authors and dictionaries…but also because it is about defining ourselves.  

Some recent conversations have had me thinking about how we define our lives, how we live our days, how we value what is important to us, and how we value ourselves. (I know, way too deep for a gorgeous Saturday afternoon!)  But, I think that through it all, the important thing to remember is that we are each our own authors.  We are often so caught up in what is happening around us that it can become overwhelming and sometimes feels like it is all becoming the author instead of ourselves.  Even when situations are beyond our control, we still have the strongest power over our own selves that no other person or no other thing can come close to.  

So, when someone or something else adds a new entry to the dictionary that is you, remember that you are the only one who writes the definition.  Make it good!

~Melissa 🙂

PS…This is actually a good exercise: Try to think of a few words that you would say “define you.” Then, write out definitions specific to your own life.  I have actually done this with some of my middle school students and they have had a blast with it!  The definitions don’t have to be like the ones that you find in an actual dictionary; they can and should be completely original and unique to you.

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