NEW POST: “Our Sustainable Living Inventory

Thanks for stopping by!

I am a wife and mom living in central New Jersey. I have a background in education and am currently taking time away from work to be home with my toddler son.

Many years ago, I began this simple blog as a place to share thoughts about reading and writing. It was my public “writers’ notebook.”

As my life (family, career, hobbies, and so many other things!) have evolved over the years, the blog has evolved, too. (Even leading to several other online projects.)

I have always considered myself a “work in progress,” and today, more than ever, I strive toward a mindful and intentional approach to all aspects of daily life.

It is important to me that my son grows up understanding that it is OK to be imperfect and that we are all constantly learning. I am hoping to teach him to make healthy, sustainable, socially responsible decisions and to learn that once we know better, we must be mindful and do better.

Thank you for reading what I have already shared and for posting your own suggestions and ideas.

We will figure it out together. #WWFIOT

~Melissa 🙂