Thoughts on Revision

I've been taught to teach my students that revising is like “radical surgery” and it really can be, when you think about it.  What many people don't like about writing or why they don't think they are good writers is that it is frustrating and difficult to get what we want to say onto paper … Continue reading Thoughts on Revision

There is no such thing as writer’s block!

My students hear me say all the time that, "There is no such thing as writer's block!"  There is no excuse for not having something written after a period of freewriting or when a writing assignment is due.  It may not be your best work, you may not want to share it, you may not … Continue reading There is no such thing as writer’s block!

Read Often!

When I've asked for advice on how to become a better writer, and searched for tips to teach my own students, the one thing that comes up all the time is that writers need to read, and read often!   To some extent what we read isn't really as important as how much.  We should simply … Continue reading Read Often!