See Me by Nicholas Sparks

The first of the #SixtyBooks I read for 2016 was See Me by Nicholas Sparks. After finishing this book, I realized that I've been reading Sparks' books for nearly twenty years -- twenty years! Two decades! (Where has the time gone?) The first was The Notebook, and I can remember reading it on a warm … Continue reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks

Nonstories (and Reflecting on the Last Few Reads of 2015)

SEASONAL READING I think it's a lot of fun to read books during the time of year that they take place or when the topic is timely. For example, I like to read spooky stories or books like Dracula around Halloween and books set at the beach in the summer. For the last few years, I've been making … Continue reading Nonstories (and Reflecting on the Last Few Reads of 2015)

#SixtyBooks in 2016 Reading Challenge

Right now, I am just one book away from completing my 2015 reading goal of sixty books. I have to say, making the commitment to read sixty books in a yearĀ was one of the best decisions I ever made. I've learned a lot in the last twelve months because of this focus on reading, and … Continue reading #SixtyBooks in 2016 Reading Challenge

Getting “EDGY”

I received a copy of Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt last year at the 2014 BEA (Book Expo America) in NYC. It was one of many (many!) books that I brought home from the convention, but there was something about it that made me put it on a prominent place in the bookcaseĀ in my living … Continue reading Getting “EDGY”

Book Review: The Power of Others by Michael Bond

I saw the bright yellow copy ofĀ The Power of OthersĀ sitting on a shelf of new releases at theĀ library. I didn't recognize the title, butĀ I hoped that it was on aĀ topic I am very interested in right now, how individuals have influence over one another, our actions, and our ideas. Sure enough, the subtitle assured me … Continue reading Book Review: The Power of Others by Michael Bond

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Yesterday, someone asked me if Paper TownsĀ isĀ a love story, and my immediate reaction was, "No, not at all." They responded with, "Well, the movie looks like it's about a love story," and I realized that I might have thought so too, if I had read the bookĀ any earlier than I did. It's been said that … Continue reading Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Choosing Sixty Books

The books we choose to read, and the reasons we select them, are as individual as we each are. That's part of what makes Sixty Books so exciting. Sixty Books isn't about a certain set of books; it's about making any book you want to read a regular part of your routine. Sometimes we choose … Continue reading Choosing Sixty Books