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We are open to connecting and collaborating, so if you would like to work with us, please let us know! You can find us through the social media links below.

Social Media:







Current Projects:

A reading movement designed to help people make reading a regular part of their daily lives, to talk about what we read, encourage others to read, and develop a world full of empathy and compassion.

Melissa Morris Inoa
(first, original blog project!) A meandering of thoughts about reading, writing, and the things that make readers want to read and writers want to write. A continual work in progress — like me.

Other projects, currently on hiatus:

Today In School…
…we think outside the classroom. A blog dedicated to documenting and sharing what is happening today in school.

The Jersey Girl
(Melissa’s adventures in New Jersey)

Notes on the State of New Jersey
(All things NJ from a variety of perspectives)

Ms. Morris’ Classroom Blog

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