Don’t Give Up! Give More.

A topic I love to discuss (and read about) most is ideas:  how we get ideas, creative ideas, sharing ideas, appreciating ideas, the transparency of ideas, and how one idea influences other ideas. It's what prompted me to start writing this blog many years ago, and most recently it's what brought me to a graduate program studying … Continue reading Don’t Give Up! Give More.

Day 44 of #100HappyDays (TEDTalks LIVE)

On day 44 of my #100HappyDays journey, I attended a TEDTalks LIVE event in NYC. The focus of the event was War and Peace and it was hosted by Baratunde Thurston. Since I'm really interested in the impact that we each have on one another and I've been doing a lot of reading lately on … Continue reading Day 44 of #100HappyDays (TEDTalks LIVE)

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Yesterday, someone asked me if Paper Towns is a love story, and my immediate reaction was, "No, not at all." They responded with, "Well, the movie looks like it's about a love story," and I realized that I might have thought so too, if I had read the book any earlier than I did. It's been said that … Continue reading Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

We will figure it out together. #WWFIOT

THE PAST For the last nine years or so, I’ve been contributing to one blog or another.  (Nine years!? That's almost a decade! Where has the time gone?) The very first blog I kept was started by a colleague (Thanks, Tom!) for me to use with my students, others I’ve started myself for public consumption, and there are … Continue reading We will figure it out together. #WWFIOT