“Each day comes to me…”

“Each day comes to me with both hands full of possibilities.”

-Helen Keller

This is one of my favorite quotes and has been for a very long time.  Actually, for a while I had a framed print of it hanging on my wall.  In the mornings, I would take the two seconds out of my day to read the words and soak in their wisdom.  I think that what is most magical about the words is that they are Helen Keller’s.  Her choice to view each day as a source of possibility rather than any other alternative is inspiring.  Despite all of the obstacles that she faced in her life, she embraced the good things that life had to offer.  

Each day comes to us all with more possibilities than we can ever hold inside our tiny hands.  Sometimes we to have to search a little before we can see them.  Sometimes we have to bend or stretch to reach them.  But, we must not to let these possibilities slip out of our grasp once we have them.  ~Melissa 🙂

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