“Summer afternoon…”

“Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”

– Henry James

Why does it seem that as soon as August begins, everyone prepares for the summer to end?  Stores are advertising back to school items, and there are pumpkins everywhere I look now.  Why do we have to rush so much?  Autumn will be here soon enough – and will be wonderful when it is – but I am not ready for the summer to end, and so I chose to post this quote to celebrate the summer and offer some appreciation for the fact that there are still 24 glorious days left in the month of August.  Summer is still in full swing.  ~Melissa 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Summer afternoon…”

  1. Hi Melissa! I am a colleague of your friend, Pat Fisher (although I think she goes by Tricia with you and her other close friends, right??), and she just sent me an e-mail today in which she suggested I check out your blog, so I did! Your most recent post was one that really resonates with me. I just returned from a trip abroad, and already, in the one day that I’ve been home, I find my internal tempo readjusting and picking up speed, despite my aversion to the tendency in our society for all of us to rush and allow our lives to become so hectic at times. So, good for you for choosing to ignore those things around us that discourage us from stopping & smelling the flowers! I hope you enjoy a lovely summer afternoon 🙂


  2. p.s.- a really good book that I think anyone could enjoy, especially someone who finds that her life has become a bit too hectic or her to-do list has become impossibly & overwhelmingly long, is Plain and Simple, by Sue Bender. It is a memoir and speaks to the desire to simplify, slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, among other things! Hope you enjoy it if you check it out.


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you for checking out the site, posting your comments, and suggesting the book, Plain and Simple. I added it to my “To Read” list and will check it out soon.

    Have a great day! ~Melissa 🙂


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