Aestival – “Of or belonging to the summer.”  Isn’t that a delightful word for such a sentiment?  

I learned this word courtesy of’s Word of the Day emails…it came just a few days ago and I thought it was appropriate to post here since the summer is winding down.  The summer is a special time for a lot of us, (though I am aware that not everyone gets to take as much vacation as teachers do).  But, summer in this area means things do move a little slower, believe it or not!  We take trips to the Jersey shore, have campfires and picnics, go to outside concerts and plays in the park, and there are lots and lots of carnivals with really great carnival food!  My birthday is in August and I have always felt a special connection with the summer because of that as well – especially because when I was growing up, I hardly knew anyone else who had a birthday in the summer; I felt like the summer belonged to me in that sense.  It is nice to know that there is a word to describe that very feeling!

Any special thoughts or memories about the summer?  Post a comment and share!

~Melissa 🙂

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