Why Do You Write?

Do you write because you want to say something or because you have something to say?  Do your write to communicate or to express an idea?  Do you have a story that just has to be told?  Do you like to talk, and continue to do so even when there is no one in the room to listen?  Do you have questions that you want to answer?  Do you write for therapy?  Do you write for yourself or for an audience?  Do you have an experience that will help others and want to share it?  Do you think you are funny?  Do you write to be remembered?  Do you hope to record a significant event or happening?  Do you write to stay in touch with others?  Do you write because it is required of you?  Do you write because you are good at it?

Writing is an essential way to communicate with others, especially in today’s world where so much communication occurs over text messages, email, and blogs.  🙂 We can share important information, thoughts and other creative ideas through what we write.  We can express ourselves and help other people with things that we write.  In our daily lives, we all use writing at one point or the other (or at the very least, we read what someone else has written).  There are many reasons to write, and before a writer begins (and during the entire process), a writer must be able to answer why he or she is writing.

Everything we write must have a purpose.  We are answering one of the above questions (or any of the others that I left out) when we describe the purpose or intent behind a piece of writing.  Concentrating on your purpose will help your writing stay focused, and keep you from experiencing any of the dreaded “writer’s block” that occurs when you let yourself forget.  Purpose driven writing is our best writing.  

Have you ever thought about these questions before?  Are there several questions that apply to you?  (There probably are because we each write for a variety of reasons.)  Post a comment and let me know what you think as well as any other reasons you have (or know of) for writing.

~Melissa 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why Do You Write?

  1. Hi Melissa:

    I’m glad you liked my blog..I love the picture of Chuck…he’s just adorable.

    I’ve just had a look at your blog…I’ve always written…in a journal…or short stories…it’s something I enjoy doing…I want to share something of myself…when it’s on paper (or on the computer)…it allows you to go back and see where you’ve been…

    Nice blog…you write beautifully…



  2. Melissa,

    that question have been asked of writers for many years…without a single definitive answer, i might add! anyhow, I sometime feel that if I didn’t express myself with words, I’d explode into nothingness…It doesn’t hurt when others appreciate your efforts as well.

    I remember one young lady thanking me for re-introducing her to her “love for words.”..something she had forgotten as time passed.



  3. Huh, I’m surprised I missed this post…great question!

    I write for one simple reason: I it allows me to get my thoughts out without any barriers or hinderances getting in the way. It allows my mind to relieve itself of everyday experiences, and hopefully retain them for future ones.


  4. Hi Melissa,
    Good question. Though not new, it’s something a writer needs to keep asking oneself often.
    Writing has always been cathartic for me. Whether stories, or journal entries or just scraps of verse on a torn newspaper.
    Lately though, I’ve tried to make it entertaining for the reader, informative, and something that he/she can relate to.
    And yes … to be remembered, and famous. Rich? Not really … I’ll take admired.


  5. Arun,
    Those are all great reasons!

    Do you have a blog or a website? Your name is not linked (which I can help you do if you like) so we don’t know where to find your writing online and admire your work!

    ~Melissa 🙂


  6. Hi Melissa,
    First of all, thanks for the encouragement on my post yesterday. I’ve been in limbo for a while now as to what is the next step for exercising my writing in a constructive manner. I wasn’t too sure about putting it all out there and I’m still not so thanks so much for the kind words.

    As for this post, I really took to it because it is something that one of my professors stressed but I never grasped and still haven’t.

    His argument was that every story, every piece of writing, tells a secret and it is that secret that gives the piece life. Right now ,I write to entertain the questions I ask myself throughout the day or to better define my interpretation of certain terms. It’s easy for me to construct an abstract situation or narrative which means nothing personally but difficult to transform my thoughts or feelings into the driving force for a short story. Any thoughts on the concept of a story’s secret or how to channel that into a piece of fiction? What secrets are worth telling in a story? What are not or is there such a thing?


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