“What have you done for me lately…”

“What have you done for me lately? Ooh, ooh, ooh, yeah!”

I have had this Janet Jackson song stuck in my head for days!  Really.  Days.

But, it has actually got me thinking about how we are all looking for the newer, bigger, better versions of everything – fashion, technology, and so many other things are constantly being updated and replaced.  In all of the excitement of the new, I think we tend to lose sight of what we value sometimes because we are so busy looking to see what comes next.  It is nice to slow down every once in a while and appreciate what we have right in front of us, right now.  I think this is actually called stopping to smell the roses.

It has also got me thinking about some of my “older” posts on this blog.  I know that the blog is still under two months old, but I feel a little badly for the first few posts and the ones that haven’t received very many hits or comments.  So, I am just throwing it out there and suggesting that you click through the archives and take a look at some of the older posts.  I know that I try to click on early posts when I visit blogs…I enjoy seeing what the first few posts were about and how the blogs have evolved – even in just a short time.

Happy reading!

~Melissa 🙂

PS…I apologize if the song gets stuck in your head!

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