I want a Digital Voice Recorder!

My new favorite thing is something that I don’t actually have yet.  

I would like to get a digital voice recorder with a USB connection so that I can connect it to my computer (which I backup daily now, thank you) and transfer what I record to an audio file.  How great would that be?  I have been doing a little research (well, I talked to people at work about it and Google searched it for about 4 minutes this morning) and I think that it is definitely at the top of my Christmas wish list this year!

I use my little notebooks all the time to jot down notes, but I think it would be so much more efficient (and probably a lot safer) to use the digital voice recorder when I am driving, or even out walking.  Then, I can play back the recording and type on the computer when I have time.

If anyone uses one already on or can suggest a brand or a model, please let me know!

~Melissa 🙂

3 thoughts on “I want a Digital Voice Recorder!

  1. Sony makes good ones for $30 or so. There are other ones by Philips too. The Sony ones I have some experience with – they come with memory card slots which you can transfer to your laptop or desktop through a card reader. The sound quality is pretty good and the microphone built in is fairly sensitive.


  2. I thought about that a little, but i couldn’t stand my own voice that much…this should be a feature in cell phones


  3. Yeah Sony makes some great models…they also have software that comes bundles with some Digital Recorders that transcribe the audio into text for you when you connect it to your PC via USB (some Research Facilities/Institutions use this).


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