Here is a new word for me: serein.
When I first saw it, I thought it might have something to do with serenity and that intrigued me.  Instead, it is has to do with rain and to me, that is equally intriguing!  I love rain and all things that go along with it.
Some of my favorite words or ideas are thunderstorms, drizzle, downpour, getting caught in the rain, splashing in puddles, and the sounds that rain makes when it hits a rooftop. “Serein” fits nicely into this list.


See below for more about the word.  How beautiful and poetic is its meaning?  I think I will try to include this word in something I write soon.  I love it!
from: A.Word.A.Day with Anu Garg



(suh-RAN [the second syllable is nasal])  


noun: Fine rain falling from an apparently cloudless sky, typically observed after sunset. 


From French serein, from Old French serain (evening), from Latin serum (evening), from serus (late). 


“She must have caught a chill from the serein, that’s all!”
Raphael Confiant; Mamzelle Dragonfly; Farrar, Straus and Giroux; 2000

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