Writing in multiple languages?

Years ago (in high school and college) I took Spanish.  I could understand a lot, and speak a little.  I listened to Spanish radio in the car, and watched telenovellas on TV.  But one thing lead to another, and I didn’t stay with it after college. Eventually, not having the need or the opportunity to speak in Spanish, I lost most of what I had learned.  This summer, when I was in Italy (believe it or not), I used the most Spanish that I had in years and it inspired me to study it once again.

Having made my New Year’s resolution to learn Spanish again, I’ve been taking a class at Rutgers, listening to Spanish radio, and speaking in Spanish to anyone who knows even just a few palabras.

The interesting thing that I am now experiencing is that as my vocabulary grows, even just by a few words at a time, I am inclined to write in Spanish.  I am inspired by the way that these new words I own sound when we speak them, and the way that they  look when we write them.  There is another level of poetry, another level of story within these words and it is propelling me to study more and become more fluent.  With each new word that I learn, I feel as though I am uncovering layers of a story that is waiting to be told.

Do any of you write in two languages?  Do you write one piece in more than one language?  Or do you write different pieces in different languages?  Please, share!

~Melissa 🙂

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