Book Review: Love Puppies and Corner Kicks ~ by Bob Krech

Cover for Love Puppies and Corner Kicks by Bob Krech

In the early 1980s Bob Krech (a New Jersey resident and teacher) lived in Aberdeen, Scotland at taught at the American School of Aberdeen. Years later while back in New Jersey, Krech’s experiences in Scotland inspired a story called Love Puppies and Corner Kicks.

Andy, a young girl who loves playing soccer and living in New Jersey finds out that she and her family are moving to Scotland for a year.  Devastated that she has to leave her winning soccer team and best friends behind, Andy struggles with the move.  Through Andy’s experiences, readers learn about what it is like to be a young teen living in Scotland.  In the end, as long as Andy is true to herself, she realizes that the soccer and friends she finds in Scotland aren’t so bad after all.

Krech says, “The book is dedicated to two important people from that time and place; Tom Driscoll, the principal I worked under and Mrs. Sidney Edwards, a wonderful Scottish lady who rented out the back of her house, Ingleside, to my wife and me.”

To celebrate the release of the book, Krech participated in a fundraiser for the West Windsor-Plainsboro School district at the Princeton Barnes and Noble. Krech read a chapter from his book and another chapter was read by a reader’s theater group from one of the district’s elementary schools.  Hearing these few chapters read aloud, I found myself laughing at the witty and insightful writing, and was prompted to purchase and read the book myself.

I recommend this book to young readers, soccer fans, and anyone thinking about visiting Scotland.


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