NaNoWriMo and Me

For a few years now, I’ve been deeply envious of all of the writers participating in NaNoWriMo. Ā I’ve admired the dedication it takes to commit to writing a FULL NOVEL in just a month. Ā I’ve appreciated theĀ camaraderieĀ and support that NaNoWriMo offers its participants. Ā I’ve done all of these things — from afar.

This year, however, a friend and fellow writerĀ has convinced me to jump in and give it a shot myself.

So, today, I am announcing my very first entry into NaNoWriMo!Ā  I’m signed up. Ā I’m working on an outline. Ā I’m going to write a novel this November. Ā I’m really looking forward to this!

Writing 50, 000 words in 30 days breaks down to just under 1,700 words per day. Ā I’m planning to set aside two writing times each day — one before and one after school during the week, and one before and after coffee on the weekends. Ā I’m hoping that by breaking up the writing times into to two, I will have a better shot of actually hitting the word count goal. Ā I’m also hoping that by posting my progress here on this blog, I will stay committed and motivated.

There are dozens and dozens of reasons I shouldn’t do this right now, but the one reason that I should do it obviously, overwhelmingly outweighs them all.

That’s my NaNoWriMo story, and I’m sticking to it. Ā (At least for the month of November.)


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and Me

  1. I experienced the very Nano-jealousy you described two Novembers in a row before taking the plunge last year — and completing the 50K challenge! Get ahead if you can and bank extra words for the invariable day you can’t write for whatever reason. All the best to you, have a wonderful time.!


      1. Nothing at all. It’s sitting in my hard drive. I had an absolute ball writing it, but it definitely has some issues. Its story arc is complete, but it needs to be significantly fleshed out (especially since it’s a historical). Also the ending (written last Nov 29 right around midnight!) has a definite “just want to be finished” quality, so that would need some work too in order to be more satisfying. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything more with it, but the experience, plus the break from my other project, was absolutely wonderful. šŸ™‚


      2. The other project was/is my “real novel” — a Christian mystery. That story isn’t nearly as straightforward as the Nano book, and I’ve been wrangling with it a while now. What type of book will you be writing?


      3. For NaNoWriMo, I will be working on a middle grade, realistic fiction. Something my students will (hopefully) like to read!


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