Day 20 of CampNaNoWriMo and still at 14,342 words

I came across this on Pinterest and it reminded me of this project.

It’s Day 20Ā and my novel is currentlyĀ 14,342 words. You might think that I would beĀ frustrated or discouraged with my progress. You might think that I should be worried.

I am not.

I actually still feel pretty good about it.

My novel has taken a few turns since I started to draft. I recognize this as a good thing. The characters are telling me where to go, not the other way around. It’s their story. I am following their lead. It is all coming together.

Instead of spending the last few days drafting, as I had intended, I’ve been reorganizing. I’ve been adjusting some of the plot lines and changing the nature of some of the relationships. A few new characters have presented themselves in the process.

The novel is already a different novel than the one I set out to write at the beginning of the month. This one is better. It’s stronger. It’s on its way.


One thought on “Day 20 of CampNaNoWriMo and still at 14,342 words

  1. It’s good to hear someone so positive about their writing. I managed to hit 13,000 words of my first draft last night and even though it’s taken me such a long while to get there I’m really happy that I’ve got that far.


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