When to read #SixtyBooks

Talking about theĀ #SixtyBooks reading movement, I’ve heardĀ fromĀ people who say they would love to read more if they had more time or that they simply don’t know when they could possiblyĀ find the time to read sixty books in a year. If those thoughts about finding time to read have crossed your mind, then this post is definitely for you!

I think it’s important to explain that reading sixty booksĀ doesn’t have to be your initial reading goal (you don’t even have count the books you read, if you don’t want to!), butĀ when you read every day, makingĀ it a part of your regular routine, you will find that #SixtyBooks is the amazingĀ product of your efforts. If it doesn’t happen the first year, or even the second…it will happen eventually.

Keeping all of that in mind,Ā that #SixtyBooksĀ isn’t really about the number and it’s more about making reading a regular part of our routine, let’s take a look at our day and see when we can find even just a few minutesĀ here and there toĀ read.

Again, so much of this is inspired by theĀ motivatingĀ words of Stephen King and his notion to “teach yourself to read in small sips as well as in long swallows.” Reading is special, but it doesn’t have to be a special event. There are many moments during our day when we can sneak in a few pages.

How about…

  1. First thing in the morning when we wake up.
  2. Before or after morning meditation.
  3. While we eat our breakfast or drink a cup of coffee.
  4. Listening to an audiobook while putting on makeup or shaving.
  5. While commuting to work on the train or bus.
  6. While carpooling (not the driver, of course, but any other passenger can read silently or read aloud).
  7. Listening to an audiobook in the car.
  8. The first fifteen minutes when we get to work and prepare to start our day.
  9. Right before lunch.
  10. At lunch time.
  11. After lunch.
  12. When waiting for a meeting or class to begin.
  13. When we’re waiting on line at the airport.
  14. When we’re on the airplane.
  15. On the subway.
  16. In a taxi.
  17. Waiting at a doctor’s appointment.quote-generator-poster-i-take-a-book-with-me-everywhere-i-go-and-find-there-are-all-sorts-of-opportu
  18. Waiting at the dentist.
  19. Waiting on line at the post office.
  20. Waiting on line at the DMV.
  21. At the nail salon.
  22. At the barber shop.
  23. Waiting for our car at the mechanic.
  24. While walking on a treadmill.
  25. While riding a stationary bike.
  26. Listening to an audiobook at the gym.
  27. Waiting at the house for the repair person to come fix the cable.Ā 
  28. When we’re in the parking lot, waiting to pick up our kids, siblings, spouses, etc.
  29. Assigned reading at work or school?
  30. As soon as we come
    home from work or school.
  31. With an afternoon snack or cup of tea.
  32. Before dinner.
  33. While dinner’s cooking.
  34. Right after dinner.
  35. When our children are doing their homework.
  36. With our children after theyĀ finish their homework.
  37. Reading to/with ourĀ children before they go to bed.
  38. A weekly family trip to the library.
  39. On vacation.
  40. Road trips!
  41. Lounging by the pool.
  42. OnĀ the beach.
  43. In the backyard when it’s sunny and a cool breeze is blowing.
  44. When it’s raining or thunder-storming (my favorite!).
  45. In front of a cozy fire when it’s snowy out.
  46. Keeping a book in the bathroom.
  47. Bringing a book into the bathtub.
  48. At the laundromat.
  49. Listening to an audiobook while folding laundry.
  50. Listening to an audiobook while cutting the grass.
  51. Listening to an audiobook while doing housework.
  52. With our bookclubs instead of having to read ahead of time.Ā 
  53. Read aloud a section of a special bookĀ with family on holidays.
  54. During commercials when watching TV.
  55. Instead of 15 minutes of TV.
  56. Instead of 15 minutes ofĀ a video game.
  57. Instead of 15 minutes on social media.
  58. Instead of 15 minutes of surfing the Internet.
  59. Right beforeĀ going toĀ sleep.
  60. If weĀ wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep.

What do you think will work bestĀ for you?Ā When else do you like to read? Leave your comments below!

If you are inspired to take the #SixtyBooks in 2016 Reading Challenge, you can start here with this form. Whether or not the number of books is important to you, you can be a part of this reading movement and connect with some amazing people who are making reading a part of their regular routine on Twitter, Goodreads, and Facebook.

I’ll keepĀ posting more about #SixtyBooks here and don’t forget to stop over and see what Laura is posting as well.

Happy reading!


(post updated on 12/27/15)

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