Stacking the Shelves (4/9/16)

It’s been a big week for books in our house!stsmall_thumb2.png

As I look at all of these new books on our shelves, I know I haveĀ to writeĀ aĀ Stacking the ShelvesĀ post!

First, my team and I received copies of professional development books at work.

Photo credit: Kim Lowden (@ms_itech)

We’ve been waiting for these titles to arrive for quite some time, so it was a really excitingĀ day to come back from spring break and find the books waiting for us!

The first of the three titles that we are going to read is Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros (@gcouros). This book appeals to me, largely, because of my graduate work studying creativity and innovation.Ā Besides discussing the book with one another, several of my coworkers and I are also participating in the #reflectiveteacher book study for this bookĀ on Twitter, Tuesday nights through the month of April.

I’ve already read Daring Greatly by BrenĆ© Brown (@BreneBrown), and I’m looking forward toĀ re-reading it with the rest of my team. I hadĀ many take-aways and ah-ha momentsĀ theĀ first time I read it. I’mĀ sure that as I read it a second timeĀ it will be withĀ a new lens, especially because I will get to reflect and discuss with my colleagues.


Then, another colleague of mine gave me a copy of her novel…that I’ve been really wanting to read. I’m so excited about this one as well!

I put Quantum Leaps in Princeton’s PlaceĀ on my to-be-read list as soon as I learned that IMG_8403.JPGDonna Clovis (@clovid01)Ā had written it.

It’s historical fictionĀ andĀ set in nearby Princeton, NJ. Over the years,Ā I’ve become more and more interested with reading historical fiction (a lot of that began when I startedĀ researching my own family history), and I especially love local history and historical fiction.

I hope to start reading it tomorrow!


IMG_8404.JPGAs if itĀ wasn’t alreadyĀ a very, very exciting week for books with those first few titles, I alsoĀ receivedĀ a couple more amazing professional books.

IĀ startedĀ participating in a book study forĀ Effective Digital Learning Environments: Your Guide to the ISTE Standards for CoachesĀ this week, so The Art of Coaching by Elena Aguilar is going toĀ be a nice, related read! (I think it’s also interesting to note that Effective Digital Learning is my ONLY digital book for the week.)

TeacherpreneursĀ looks like it willĀ be a related read as well; The Innovator’s MindsetĀ is all about innovation in education, so I’m looking forward to seeing what ideas these two books will have in common.


Finally, I visited a book sale at one of my local libraries this morning. It was packed! (Both with books and with people shopping for books!) My mom came with me, and weĀ spent about an hour and a halfĀ there, sorting through tables and tables of books.

IĀ managed to find a few interesting titles. (Actually, the greater feat is that I managed to leave some of the books there at the sale!)

IMG_8402.jpgI added two new books to my cookbook collection. While I normally look for older cookbooks, I couldn’t resist these two.

I love ordering risotto when I go out to eat, but I’ve only tried making it at home a few times (and it wasn’t easy!). I’m hoping that reading a book all about risotto will inspire me toĀ try again.

My husband and I are both crazy about onions, so how could I possibly resist an entire cookbook dedicated to one of our favorite foods? (He got a really big kick out of this one when I showed it to him.)

I foundĀ IMG_8406.JPGplenty ofĀ #Read4Fun books at the book sale, too.

After a week like this one, I’m sure that I’m not going to have anyĀ problem completing my goal of reading #SixtyBooks* this year. My only problem is going to be trying to decide which book to read next!

Are you familiar with any of these titles? Have you already read any of them? What books did you stack the shelves with this week?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks and happy reading!


*If you haven’t already taken the #SixtyBooks pledge, you can visit the websiteĀ for more information and to sign up today.

2 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves (4/9/16)

  1. You’re amazing! Thanks for sharing your reading journey! Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person in my school reading professional titles!


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