Day 7 of CampNaNoWriMo and Day 2 of Teachers Write!

CAMPNANOWRIMO PROGRESS I'm making progress. Definitely. It's Day 7 of camp and my word count is now 11,039. Before I started writing, IĀ set four goals for myself in order to complete this challenge. Some goals are coming along a littleĀ better than others: I haven't been able to write first thing in the morning most days; … Continue reading Day 7 of CampNaNoWriMo and Day 2 of Teachers Write!

A Day All to Myself

Today is the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur and we have off from school. Ā  I love my job. Ā I really really do! Ā Each morning I when drive in to work I find myself very excited about the day ahead of me. Ā Though, as wonderful as the school, the students, and my co-workers are, it is … Continue reading A Day All to Myself

Do you write to remember?

Several posts ago I asked the question "Why do you write?" Ā I asked this question not because it was a new question, but because there really are so many different responses for why we write. Ā We have reasons that are different from one another, but we each also have multiple reasons of our own. Ā  … Continue reading Do you write to remember?

New Category – “Education and School Related Things”

Well, there are just a few days before it is officially back to school.Ā  I will be going back both as a teacher and a student this fall...and this is the first fall that I have ever done so!Ā  When I went back to school for teaching, I went full time and did not work.Ā  … Continue reading New Category – “Education and School Related Things”