New Category – “Education and School Related Things”

Well, there are just a few days before it is officially back to school.  I will be going back both as a teacher and a student this fall…and this is the first fall that I have ever done so!  When I went back to school for teaching, I went full time and did not work.  Then, when I started working, I didn’t take any classes for the first year and didn’t take any the second year until the spring semester.  Wow!  I am feeling the excitement and anxiousness from both sides of classroom this fall!  (I do have my first day of school outfits – one for teaching and one for graduate school – already picked out just like I did when I was a little girl!)

I am particularly excited to begin teaching in a new district this year and can’t wait to meet my students (as well as all of my new colleagues)!  I am also pretty happy to know that I am (finally!) on the last phase of my MA and having the end in site is a great motivating factor.  It has been a long and challenging process for me to work on this degree, so it will be especially rewarding when it is complete.

I will use this new category to post education related thoughts and updates on all of my new adventures.  (Also, there may be some duplicate posts here from things happening over at my classroom blog,  Teachers especially may want to check that out after the first few weeks of school and see what we are up to over there.)

I hope that all of the teachers who read this blog will add some of their own educational insight and wisdom to these posts as well.

Happy learning!

~Melissa 🙂

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