Getting “EDGY”

I received a copy of Edgy Conversations by Dan Waldschmidt last year at the 2014 BEA (Book Expo America) in NYC. It was one of many (many!) books that I brought home from the convention, but there was something about it that made me put it on a prominent place in the bookcaseĀ in my living … Continue reading Getting “EDGY”

Book Review: The Power of Others by Michael Bond

I saw the bright yellow copy ofĀ The Power of OthersĀ sitting on a shelf of new releases at theĀ library. I didn't recognize the title, butĀ I hoped that it was on aĀ topic I am very interested in right now, how individuals have influence over one another, our actions, and our ideas. Sure enough, the subtitle assured me … Continue reading Book Review: The Power of Others by Michael Bond

Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Yesterday, someone asked me if Paper TownsĀ isĀ a love story, and my immediate reaction was, "No, not at all." They responded with, "Well, the movie looks like it's about a love story," and I realized that I might have thought so too, if I had read the bookĀ any earlier than I did. It's been said that … Continue reading Book Review: Paper Towns by John Green

Choosing Sixty Books

The books we choose to read, and the reasons we select them, are as individual as we each are. That's part of what makes Sixty Books so exciting. Sixty Books isn't about a certain set of books; it's about making any book you want to read a regular part of your routine. Sometimes we choose … Continue reading Choosing Sixty Books

When to read #SixtyBooks

Talking about theĀ #SixtyBooks reading movement, I've heardĀ fromĀ people who say they would love to read more if they had more time or that they simply don't know when they could possiblyĀ find the time to read sixty books in a year. If those thoughts about finding time to read have crossed your mind, then this post is … Continue reading When to read #SixtyBooks

Sixty Books Is Not A Number

IT'S NOT ABOUT THE NUMBER Sixty Books a journey, not a destination; it's aĀ mindset, not a competition. Each person may actually have a different number of books that he or she reads in a year, and the number can vary from year to year. Thirty books can be "sixty books" and so can forty-five, or … Continue reading Sixty Books Is Not A Number

Book Review: Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky

A few weeks before our recent trip to Bermuda, my husband gave me a paperback novel, Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky. Outside, the cover is nearly all wild lavender plants (an absolute favorite of mine); inside, the story is about two old friends, both writers, who reconnect after a long time apart. (I love to read any story about writers … Continue reading Book Review: Sweet Salt Air by Barbara Delinsky

Some men bring home flowers…

Some men bring home flowers; my husband brings home books. Please don't get me wrong. I really do like flowers and the way they look and smell, warming up the house,Ā but my husband knows that I like books even more. He knows how much I love to read and how much I love to be … Continue reading Some men bring home flowers…

Sixty Books

ADVICE FROM LOTS OFĀ STEPHENS Back in October, I picked up a copy of Stephen King's On Writing that had been sitting on my bookshelf for years. I was about toĀ be a passenger while my then-fiancĆ© drove three hours from New Jersey to Connecticut,Ā and I figured the trip would allot me some solid reading time. I … Continue reading Sixty Books

Reading cookbooks for fun? Yes!

I always thought that anyone who said that they read cookbooks for fun was just plain crazy. Come on, it's a reference book! It seemed like sitting down on the couch curled up with a cookbook was as ridiculous as takingĀ a Webster's Dictionary and reading itĀ from cover to cover. For me, cookbooks were about finding … Continue reading Reading cookbooks for fun? Yes!