A House that Love Built

We found some time this week for a fun family project (and finally got around to using a cookie house kit we purchased back in December!). Before we started, I swapped some of the candies that came in the kit with pink and purple ones from our candy jar to make it feel a little … Continue reading A House that Love Built

We’re Going to Turn Into Pumpkins!

It's fall...and that means it's pumpkin season! If I wasn't already aware of that fact, just a few minutes in the supermarket would be notification enough. Pumpkin spice has taken over!Ā  It's just so exciting to tryĀ all of theĀ pumpkin and pumpkin spice versions of our favorite foods. (I didn't buyĀ the pumpkin pasta sauce this time, … Continue reading We’re Going to Turn Into Pumpkins!

Reading cookbooks for fun? Yes!

I always thought that anyone who said that they read cookbooks for fun was just plain crazy. Come on, it's a reference book! It seemed like sitting down on the couch curled up with a cookbook was as ridiculous as takingĀ a Webster's Dictionary and reading itĀ from cover to cover. For me, cookbooks were about finding … Continue reading Reading cookbooks for fun? Yes!