A House that Love Built

We found some time this week for a fun family project (and finally got around to using a cookie house kit we purchased back in December!).

Before we started, I swapped some of the candies that came in the kit with pink and purple ones from our candy jar to make it feel a little more Valentine’s Day-ish.

My husband and I helped “construct” the house and handled of most of the icing, and then our little one took over all of the decorating!

He had so much fun with it, really concentrating on where to put each candy piece. (We noticed that some of the candy did manage to find its way to his mouth before it could become decoration! Shhh!)

Then, “teeee daaahh!” (as our son says), we finished making our family’s first Valentine’s Day project!

Once the house was finished, we cheered and clapped (took a quick photo of it), and then we had even more fun tearing it down and eating it together.

It was such a wonderful moment of hygge, so cozy and fun.

We weren’t rushing or worried about the mess.

We were spontaneous and creative and totally device free (until we needed a phone to take the picture — and that was it!), spending some fun, quality time together as a family.

I couldn’t dream of a more perfect Valentine this year! ❤️


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