Day #27 of #100HappyDays

So far, focusing on the "things" that make me happy for my first #100HappyDays has been really interesting. It's been nice to take an extra minute or two to appreciate what I have, and be careful that I'm not taking anything I have forĀ granted. Some days, the "thing" jumps out and demands to be posted, … Continue reading Day #27 of #100HappyDays

Random Act of Kindness and Gratitude #4

Reflecting on the tragic events that took place in our country on September 11, 2001, and all of the people we lost that day, has also made me remember some of the kind things that took place on the days that followed. Ā  I can remember marveling at how considerate people were to one another … Continue reading Random Act of Kindness and Gratitude #4