Day #27 of #100HappyDays

So far, focusing on the “things” that make me happy for my first #100HappyDays has been really interesting. It’s been nice to take an extra minute or two to appreciate what I have, and be careful that I’m not taking anything I have forĀ granted. Some days, the “thing” jumps out and demands to be posted, other days, I have to look around a little for what I can post that day. Either way, this exercise has been a great way to make sure that I am only surrounded by things that bring me joy.


What I posted for Day #27 is actually a combination — one part is a pretty pouch (that I received as a favor at one of my dearest friend’s rehearsal dinner) and the other part is a collection of pressed pennies (that I’ve been accumulating over the years).

I think the oldest penny in the collection goes backĀ to a visit to the Statue of Liberty with my parents and sister from when I was around nine years old. I also have a penny that I pressed from a visit to theĀ World Trade Center; it’s a little piece of copper that helps me hold on to what we’ve lost.Ā There are pennies in this growing collection from many other states as well, likeĀ Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Tennessee, and California.

Including these pennies in my #100HappyDays helps me remember and appreciate many, many other happy days of traveling, adventure, and time spent with friends and family —Ā which really are the “things” that make me most happy, after all. šŸ™‚


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