New Category – “Words”

There are some words that as we read them, or hear them in conversation, they stand out brightly among all of the others.  It could be for any number of reasons including the way the actual letters form the word, how it sounds when it is spoken, its meaning, its origin, or its obscurity. 

I have many favorite words and come across new favorites constantly.  I typically carry a notebook with me at all times to record my own thoughts as well as any other ideas that I find interesting during the day and I keep word lists in the back of these notebooks.  It is the best place for the words because when I am sitting down to write and am stuck for a place to start or need inspiration to find the perfect word, it is easy to flip to the back section of a notebook and find a custom made, meaningful list of great words. 

I am going to start a new category of posts here on the blog where each post is dedicated to an  individual word.  I hope that if a word strikes you, that you will submit a comment.  Please also feel free to email me with any words that you particularly like.  ~ Melissa  🙂

3 thoughts on “New Category – “Words”

  1. Favorite name of someone I know: Larissa, very lyrical, very soft, even sounds like the word “lyrical”. I think Larissa is my favorite partly because it is so rare. Also the name of a moon of neptune, and moons don’t often have pretty girls’ names.
    Favorite adjective: “cryptic”, nice and hard, kah sounds
    most hated word: “flavor” it’s over used nowadays, with people using it in reference to slight different versions of gadgets or programs. And it just has a vulgar sound, with that f sliding into f, just makes me queasy.


  2. Russell,
    Thanks for sharing your “words” here on the site. I agree that “Larissa” is a very beautiful name…Since you like the name, you might like to know this quick story…I bought a ring on vacation in Sarasota last summer with a pale blue stone in the center of it, called Larimar…I found out that the stone got its name because the man who first discovered it named the aqua-colored stone after the sea, “mar” and his daughter, “Larissa.”

    I also really like “cryptic” – It is a word that is much more powerful and significant than it sounds! ~Melissa 🙂


  3. I really like the word “hirsute.” I like it because, if you pronounce it properly, you get the basic definition–to be “hirsute” is to be overly hair as though you were wearing a “hair suit.” I can’t think of any other word like that. 🙂


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