Thank you!

Thank you! to everyone who has been visiting the site (and especially to those who have posted comments)!  Welcome! to all new visitors as well.  It is exciting for me to see all of the "hits" made to the blog each day, as well as which posts are getting read the most.  I have been … Continue reading Thank you!

New Category – “Words”

There are some words that as we read them, or hear them in conversation, they stand out brightly among all of the others.Ā  It could be for any number of reasons including the way the actual letters form the word, how it sounds when it is spoken, its meaning, its origin, or its obscurity.Ā  I … Continue reading New Category – “Words”


Thank you for stopping by this site. Having always loved words, both reading them and writing them, I created this site to share some of my favorites. Ā Here you will find things like quotes that I find to be particularly inspiring, book reviews, and occasionally some of my own writing. I hope that you post … Continue reading Welcome!