Thank you!

Thank you! to everyone who has been visiting the site (and especially to those who have posted comments)!  Welcome! to all new visitors as well.  It is exciting for me to see all of the “hits” made to the blog each day, as well as which posts are getting read the most.  I have been having a blast these last few weeks learning my way around this blog.

I would really love more feedback from you all as you read the posts.  Don’t be so bashful!

What are your thoughts?  Topics you would like to discuss?  Several people were interested in the “writer’s block” post; is there something in particular that you are working on that you might want to share and maybe generate some new ideas?  Or, just let me know if you plain old agree with, or even don’t like a particular post.

If you aren’t comfortable posting your comments online for others to read, I completely understand!  Remember, you can always send me an email at melissa.morris11 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks.  ~Melissa  🙂

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