Kismet– Any word that pertains to destiny or fate is simply beautiful to me because of its very essence.  I am a strong believer in destiny.  I believe that all things do happen for a reason, though it isn’t always obvious what that reason may be at the time.  Appreciating that the relationships, experiences, and situations of our individual lives are all parts of our own story, our own destiny, makes the joyful and wonderful aspects that much more significant and meaningful.  How our stories intertwine with those around us is magical and when we believe in kismet, every day is an adventure.  Anything disheartening, or disappointing that happens along the way really doesn’t seem to matter so much when we consider that it is all part of our story; it is all necessary. 

The word kismet  is not used as often (or at least I don’t come across it as much) as its synonyms.  I wonder why that is so.  I really like the sound of the word.  Even though in the pronunciation, the “s” sounds like a “z”, the beginning three letters, “kis” reminds me of the word “kiss” and makes it a much more romantic word than even “destiny.”  It isn’t as poetic-sounding as “serendipity,” but since it is of Turkish and Arabic origin, it does feel a bit exotic.  I will keep my eyes and ears open and try to see which instances, and in what context I find the word.

~Melissa 🙂

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