“Love is a promise…”

Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear.

-John Lennon

There are so many lovely things that have been said about love.  I couldn’t resist putting this quote up here today.  I particularly like the idea of love being both a promise and being a souvenir.  It is something that we can take with us, no matter where we go and where we are in our lives.  It is emotional, and physical, and can be tangible, too, when we let ourselves appreciate it in all the little things in our lives.  As these John Lennon lines say, it is up to us though, to remember the love and to hold on to it.  That’s the only catch. 

Please share a favorite saying or thought about love.  

~Melissa  🙂

One thought on ““Love is a promise…”

  1. “In love, there are no smidgens or pinches- only rolling abundance.”

    This is a line that has stuck with me for about five or six years now- I know how long, because it is from a book that I read when I was in college! The book is entitled “Cherry” and is a memoir by the author Mary Karr.

    I love when lines of prose or poetry stick with you without your even trying. I never made the decision to imprint these words on my memory- they just did so of their own volition! But I guess that’s the way with things that really speak to us- things that are just too beautiful and true to let go.

    That’s what this line is to me- beautiful and true. It’s true that in love, you don’t speak of small, measured amounts- instead, it is measureless, endless, inconceivable in size. “Rolling abundance.” That’s the best way to describe love. It’s all or nothing- infinite or not the real deal. If you ask me 🙂


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