On This Night

On This Night

by Melissa Morris


On this night when searching has ceased

and the pale light of the baby moon

causes my lashes to fall along with my hopes,

I agree to sleep.

Blustery gusts of night time dust

take a whimsical path to my window

for a


melodically rhythmic night cap.

I am charmed into a trance

by the echoes of a lullaby,

sung so long ago,

and incessantly recalled.

I am eased into a slumber state

by Luna’s glowy touch over my eyes.

Spells of magic cast away upon me

and sail over moon-kissed waves,

a caravelle of dreams.


This “On This Night” was originally published in The Podium, 2000.  © Melissa Morris 

3 thoughts on “On This Night

  1. Funny, i’ve read this poem before, but now i see it as different because of the ‘old thoughts of you’ the ways the eyes lashes and bags are kind of sad and regrettful. I had always focused on the sound aspect of the ‘tapping’, instead of the other senses


  2. Thanks, Russell…that is interesting…I hadn’t made the connection myself, but just so you know this poem was written and published long before “Old Thoughts of You.”

    ~Melissa 🙂


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