In honor of National Poetry Month

River Poets Journal is featuring a special "pocket poems" exhibit on their site to celebrate National Poetry Month. Check out the exhibit: ~Melissa 🙂

Sharing good news…

I have a poem appearing in a new anthology.  The anthology is a special edition put out by the publishers of the River Poets Journal.  The poems selected for this anthology are all about/inspired by rivers.  My poem is called, "Imperfections Tickle." For more information about River Poets Journal (or information about purchasing the book), click here: … Continue reading Sharing good news…

Magnetic Paper – Make Your Own Magnetic Poetry!

My most recent "new favorite thing" is magnetic paper!  Maybe you already know about this, but I just found it yesterday, and I'm so happy I did! One of the stations I use in my language arts class is a Magnetic Poetry station.  A few students at a time can use a variety of words … Continue reading Magnetic Paper – Make Your Own Magnetic Poetry!


And by Melissa Morris   At night he dreams in Poetry and technicolored imagery, and he doesn't exist any more, and he doesn't exist again, and he doesn't exist from the moment when they laughed at him and said they wouldn't be his friend, and he dreams alone, and he dreams out loud, and he … Continue reading And


Soundtrack by Melissa Morris   There's a soundtrack  of music from my life  that plays in my mind, and in every song, from the beginning to end, with perfect pitch and clarity, you sing lead.   “Soundtrack” was originally published in Feelings of The Heart, 2003 © Melissa Morris

Old Thoughts of You

Old Thoughts of You by Melissa Morris   I'll pack up my old thoughts of you and store them in the bags I keep under my eyes, so that when I look out my window at the blankets of golden brown leaves, I will imagine that they were once angels' wings and that they could … Continue reading Old Thoughts of You

Submissions – Poems Niederngasse

Happy Friday, Everyone! I am sharing with you a new place I found to submit poetry.  It is an online publication called Poems Niederngasse.  They are an English language publication based in Switzerland.  Their website is There are no deadlines for submissions.  For submission information, click this link:   I sent them a few … Continue reading Submissions – Poems Niederngasse

On This Night

On This Night by Melissa Morris   On this night when searching has ceased and the pale light of the baby moon causes my lashes to fall along with my hopes, I agree to sleep. Blustery gusts of night time dust take a whimsical path to my window for a tap-tap-tap melodically rhythmic night cap. … Continue reading On This Night