In honor of National Poetry Month

River Poets Journal is featuring a special “pocket poems” exhibit on their site to celebrate National Poetry Month.

Check out the exhibit:—Pocket-Poems.html

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Sharing good news…

I have a poem appearing in a new anthology.  The anthology is a special edition put out by the publishers of the River Poets Journal.  The poems selected for this anthology are all about/inspired by rivers.  My poem is called, “Imperfections Tickle.”

For more information about River Poets Journal (or information about purchasing the book), click here:

Happy reading!
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Magnetic Paper – Make Your Own Magnetic Poetry!

My most recent “new favorite thing” is magnetic paper!  Maybe you already know about this, but I just found it yesterday, and I’m so happy I did!

One of the stations I use in my language arts class is a Magnetic Poetry station.  A few students at a time can use a variety of words that I have collected over the years and arrange them on a magnetic white board to create poems, story ideas, or just spend time working with words.  (Since the students use a white board, they can also use a dry erase marker to fill in words, symbols and other ideas that they do not find in the magnets.)  The students then record whatever they came up with at the station in their Writers’ Notebook and then can continue to work on it later if they choose.  (For homework the students are required to reflect on what they did during the station even if they choose not to continue writing the piece.)  

The students really enjoy this station and are sometime surprised with the what they can write!  Since the available words are not always part of their existing vocabulary, they come up with some pretty new stuff and really get a kick out of it.  

As a long term homework assignment, we have a spooky story contest due at the end of this month and I wanted to find a way to provide some class time for the students to continue thinking about and working on their story without devoting instruction time to the project since it is an “at home” project.  I have Halloween and spooky pictures ready to go for the picture prompt station, but I also wished that I could find a set of magnetic poetry words for Halloween to use at that station.  

And that’s when I had my bright idea to try to make my own.  I checked the craft store to see if they had some kind of magnetic paper, and sure enough they did.  I typed up and printed out a page full of spooky, scary, Halloween words and will bring them in for the students to use in the station tomorrow. 

I was so pleased with how well they came out, I got a little carried away and made another sheet of personalized magnetic words including my students’ names, my own and other teachers’ names, and a variety of other words that are relevant to what they are studying and interested in.  I am going to add those words to the supply in class as well.  I think it will make the station that much more interesting for them.

I think it could be a fun birthday or holiday gift to give someone a set of customized magnetic words.  It might also make a good gift for someone with a new job (and office with a magnetic filing cabinet), getting their first apartment (and own refrigerator), going away to college, or for a newlywed couple.  This paper is also great for printing your own magnetic frames or other lightweight magnets.

The paper I bought is from a company called Royal Brights and cost about $15 for a package of 5 sheets.  I bought it on sale at Michael’s for $12 yesterday.  (If you are making magnetic poetry words, that works out to about 1/5 the cost of buying them already made!)

~Melissa 🙂



by Melissa Morris


At night he dreams in Poetry

and technicolored imagery,

and he doesn’t exist any more,

and he doesn’t exist again,

and he doesn’t exist from the moment when

they laughed at him and said

they wouldn’t be his friend,

and he dreams alone,

and he dreams out loud,

and he dreams as Poetry,

the ever changing cloud,

travels passed him,

and through him,

and pretends that it knew him.


“And” was originally published in Superior Poetry News, 2001 © Melissa Morris



by Melissa Morris


There’s a soundtrack 

of music

from my life 

that plays in my mind,

and in every song,

from the beginning to end,

with perfect pitch

and clarity,

you sing lead.


“Soundtrack” was originally published in Feelings of The Heart, 2003 © Melissa Morris

Old Thoughts of You

Old Thoughts of You

by Melissa Morris


I’ll pack up my old thoughts of you

and store them

in the bags I keep under my eyes,

so that when I look out my window

at the blankets

of golden brown leaves,

I will imagine

that they were once angels’ wings

and that they could be again.


“Old Thoughts of You” was originally published in Love’s Chance, 2001 © Melissa Morris

Submissions – Poems Niederngasse

Happy Friday, Everyone!

I am sharing with you a new place I found to submit poetry.  It is an online publication called Poems Niederngasse.  They are an English language publication based in Switzerland.  Their website is

There are no deadlines for submissions.  For submission information, click this link:  

I sent them a few poems the other day.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Good luck!

~Melissa  🙂

PS Please remember to leave a comment and share any other publications.