by Melissa Morris


There’s a soundtrackĀ 

of music

from my lifeĀ 

that plays in my mind,

and in every song,

from the beginning to end,

with perfect pitch

and clarity,

you sing lead.


ā€œSoundtrackā€ was originally published in Feelings of The Heart, 2003 Ā© Melissa Morris

4 thoughts on “Soundtrack

  1. I want you to write something with passion and brimstone, something that screams out from the page. Sure, you can use words to lovely effect, but let go of the niceness for once, and write something that you’ll might regret one, or that you think is beyond you.


  2. “Let go of the niceness?” Wow. I am always up for a challenge, but I am not sure I totally understand what you mean. I think that there is passion in my writing…maybe your interpretation of it is just different. That’s fair because that is one of the beautiful things that we all get to do as readers – interpret and make the writing we read our own.

    I truly believe that if you are true to yourself as a writer, you won’t really have any “regrets” over what you write…you may want to revise or edit it, sure, but not regret it.

    There have only been a few previously published pieces of mine posted on the blog so far. Maybe as I post more, you will get the broader picture you seem to be looking for. Or, why don’t you post something here that is along the lines of what you are talking about and I can respond to it.

    ~Melissa šŸ™‚


  3. oh, sure, throw it back at me, like i’m really passionate about anything : )
    okay, i tried to do something angry, about a petty annoyance of mine, people who think the world has to stop for them

    I see them every day,
    Those angry little people
    In their angry little lives,
    Complaining about their coffee,
    Complaining about the lines,
    Always expecting something extra,
    Never expecting their due,
    Driving around in their big cars
    Protecting themselves in their little minds
    Wondering just how much more
    They can take from the world
    Before we all just say,
    ā€œEnough alreadyā€


  4. Russell, Ah, okay…now I see what you mean. Well, the thing you have to remember is that everyone has a personal style as well as personal experiences that shape their writing. I am not a very “angry” person by nature (of course I have my moments as we all do) and so that may come across in what I write as the “niceness” you referred to in an earlier post.

    So, how I would actually respond to what you wrote (which I do like very much, by the way – especially the line about “always expecting something extra” because I agree that many people in our society today have that sense of entitlement) goes like this:

    Intentionally or not, pain is shared with strangers.
    A roll of the eyes while waiting on line,
    a sigh of disappointment when a latte isn’t made just right, or
    an unkind gesture while driving on the highway
    are all ways that people inadvertently share their pain with you.
    They seem angry because they are hurting
    and aren’t happy with themselves or something in their lives.
    They don’t necessarily want you to hurt too,
    but they don’t know how else to be.
    Try to understand and be kind to them
    because anger doesn’t dilute anger,
    it only makes it worse.
    Kindness and compassion (though not always easy to find)
    will ease the pain, and take away the anger.

    ~Melissa šŸ™‚


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