1,000 Word Pledge Update – So far, so good.

I think this goal is going to work out really well for me.  (Two days is a considerable indicator, right?)  Well, I wrote 601 words for the novel and 409 words for the thesis today.  That’s over the 1,000 mark and now anything else that I might do is just extra.  I also like getting this done early in the day because now I can go and enjoy everything else that I do (besides writing) and feel like I have already accomplished quite a bit.

Happy Sunday!

~Melissa 🙂

4 thoughts on “1,000 Word Pledge Update – So far, so good.

  1. Wow.. that IS an accomplishment. When I was writing my manuscript, I shot for one full page/day. You have to have goals, even if they’re tiny, or else it’ll never get done.


  2. Good job on making your goal. It is important to have the discipline to just write every day. I struggle with that myself.


  3. Thank you Dan, Erin, and Rissa,

    I think that this is a good start for me and posting the pledge and updates here on the blog is really keeping me focused on doing what I intend.

    Thank goodness for blogging. 🙂

    ~Melissa 🙂


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