Random Acts of Kindness and Gratitude #2 – Donate Clothes

I tend to be a “saver.”  I hate to throw anything away.  Now, this bad habit of being a pack-rat left me with a closet crammed full of clothes that I didn’t ever wear, and boxes of off season clothes that I didn’t really even have room to store.  In the beginning of the summer, I went through these clothes and made a “pile” for donation.  I ended up with seven large bags full of clothes – many of the clothes actually still had tags on them and were in very good condition.  They either just didn’t fit any more, or were gifts and really not my taste.  But, I figured that someone could get good use out of them if I donated them.  

I have a drop center really close to my house, and so that is where I bring the clothes.  I keep a bag open on the floor of my closet at all times so whenever I come across something that I know I won’t wear again, I put it in the bag.  As the bag fills up, I take it to the drop center.  I brought up this idea because I have filled up another bag and will be dropping it off later today.

Here are some sites that may help you find a location where you can donate your clothes:




NOTE:  Every suggested Random Act of Kindness and Gratitude that I post is something that I do myself.  I won’t ever post anything that I think is unrealistic, costs a lot of money, or isn’t worthwhile to me.  The point of sharing these ideas is to show that there are dozens and dozens of things that we can incorporate into our daily lives, and there are probably many things that you already do and don’t even think about.  I hope we all get to that point and the acts ultimately become far less “random.”

2 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness and Gratitude #2 – Donate Clothes

  1. That bag on the floor idea is a great one. I’ll have to start doing that. In fact, next week’s project is to clean out all my clothes.. even the off-season ones in the attic. This should be eye-opening.


  2. Hi Erin,
    I’m glad you liked that idea. It really helps me to stay organized and helps me to get more clothes out to the people who really need them faster…it is way too easy to hang up a dress that I don’t like anymore or throw a pair of jeans that don’t fit right back into a drawer. With the “donation bag” ready to go, those items get donated much faster.

    Good luck with your clothes project!

    ~Melissa 🙂


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