New book by Nicholas Sparks

I have been a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks since his first book, The Notebook, was out in paperback.  It was funny how I learned about the book because I was actually given a free copy from a book vendor who sold books to pharmacies.  (I think that I also got a reference book about vitamins, a book of baby names, and a book about diabetes that day.)  I was still in college and learning to write and enjoy writing much more than I ever had before at this time.  I was learning how to tell stories and relished in reading a book by a good story teller.  I read The Notebook out on a hammock in my parents’ backyard one summer afternoon.  It was a glorious and memorable experience because Nicholas Sparks is a wonderful story teller.  I smiled and cried through the book.

I think that most of the people I know who consider themselves fans of Nicholas Sparks feel the same way or have a similar story.  We have some kind of a sense of “ownership” about him and feel like we each have a unique connection with him  that no one else understands.  (It is the strangest thing, but I have gotten in near-arguments with friends over his books.)  

For me, any time that I wanted to relive that experience of The Notebook, I looked for a new book by Nicholas Sparks.  Ironically enough, each time I checked the bookstore or the website, there was a new book about to be released.  It was like some kind of synergy and was always a very cool feeling to know that there was another book whenever I needed one.  Well, a few months ago I was having a particularly rough time with some things and hoped that there might be a new book coming out soon to cheer me up.  I checked the website, but there was nothing posted about a new book.  I was disappointed and re-read a little from one of the older books, but it just wasn’t the same as knowing there would be a new story.  

Then, due to the wonderful world of blogging, I learned that there is actually a new book coming out this September.  I can’t wait to get it and will probably pre-order it soon.  I have all of Nicholas Sparks’ books in hardcover now, even The Notebook.  (I lost the free paperback copy when I lent it to friends and had to replace it with a hardcover to complete the collection.)

I’m looking forward to the book, The Lucky One, and hope you will check it out too.

~Melissa 🙂

PS…Nicholas Sparks has a website with information about all of his books, plus some helpful thoughts and advice on writing.

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