See Me by Nicholas Sparks

The first of the #SixtyBooks I read for 2016 was See Me by Nicholas Sparks. After finishing this book, I realized that I've been reading Sparks' books for nearly twenty years -- twenty years! Two decades! (Where has the time gone?) The first was The Notebook, and I can remember reading it on a warm … Continue reading See Me by Nicholas Sparks

“I like to think of life in terms of…”

Ironically, I made time for myself to read for a little while yesterday - following my own advice from the previous post - and what I ended up reading related exactly to the "out of control circumstances" that I referred to the day before.  This is a long passage from Nicholas Sparks' Three Weeks with … Continue reading “I like to think of life in terms of…”

There’s a storm…

There's a storm approaching the New York area.  I think the news said that it would hit New York City around 5pm and it seems to be right on schedule.  I can hear the thunder rumbling every so often and the sky has gotten dark pretty quickly in the last half an hour or so. … Continue reading There’s a storm…

New book by Nicholas Sparks

I have been a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks since his first book, The Notebook, was out in paperback.  It was funny how I learned about the book because I was actually given a free copy from a book vendor who sold books to pharmacies.  (I think that I also got a reference book about … Continue reading New book by Nicholas Sparks


Brackish - Nicholas Sparks uses this word a lot.  I think it appears at least once in each of his first several novels.  And, I love that it does!  When I first read it in The Notebook, I fell in love with it right away.  It is used to describe water that is slightly salty, … Continue reading Brackish