There’s a storm…

There’s a storm approaching the New York area.  I think the news said that it would hit New York City around 5pm and it seems to be right on schedule.  I can hear the thunder rumbling every so often and the sky has gotten dark pretty quickly in the last half an hour or so.  I love this kind of weather (always have) and really wish that I could be sitting in my window seat, not a care in the world, drinking a cup of tea and reading the new Nicholas Sparks novel, or writing a story of my own.  

Instead, I have to read and take notes on a chapter about the Articles of Confederation for my social studies class tomorrow.  I also have a ton of thesis work to get done tonight.  Oh, and I have summer reading projects to grade.  (Speaking of which – if you visit my classroom blog there are some student posts that would love to receive comments!)  There’s just a lot to do.

I can hear the rain now; it’s bouncing off the hoods of the cars below my window.  It’s steady and I think that if I sit here any longer I’m likely to fall asleep!

I hope that those of you in the New York area can enjoy this little storm that we are having and if you are in other areas, that the weather is to your liking as well.

~Melissa 🙂

There’s the thunder again.

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