Unpacking, Not Enough Rain, and Make-A-Wish

The Art of Unpacking Just settling in after being on the road for 8+ hours today.  It's nice to come home and rest (even though there is a lot of writing I want to get to - after a week of being away from the computer).  But first, I have laundry to do and lots … Continue reading Unpacking, Not Enough Rain, and Make-A-Wish


I decided on what my next project will be.  Visit the site for details. I'm so excited!!! Melissa 🙂


I just found out about a new energy saving search engine called Blackle. It is from Google and is definitely worth checking out. (The energy saved by using the site it isn't going to be huge, but the point is that it is a reminder to make more environmentally friendly decisions...I like it!) They also … Continue reading Blackle

On a blustery, cold night

There's really nothing quite like a good book, a warm blanket, and a hot cup of tea on a blustery, cold night.  (Knowing that I don't have to get up for work tomorrow is nice too!) Wishing you all a relaxing evening. ~Melissa 🙂

A Conversation – Overheard

-I thought you were all about the "big picture," the "meant to be," and the "everything happens for a reason." - I was.  But, it's different now.  I feel different now. - Why?  What's so different about now? - He hurt me more than I realized. - And, so now you think about it differently? … Continue reading A Conversation – Overheard

There’s a storm…

There's a storm approaching the New York area.  I think the news said that it would hit New York City around 5pm and it seems to be right on schedule.  I can hear the thunder rumbling every so often and the sky has gotten dark pretty quickly in the last half an hour or so. … Continue reading There’s a storm…