A Conversation – Overheard

-I thought you were all about the “big picture,” the “meant to be,” and the “everything happens for a reason.”

– I was.  But, it’s different now.  I feel different now.

– Why?  What’s so different about now?

– He hurt me more than I realized.

– And, so now you think about it differently?

– Yes.  I think so.

– So, what’s so different?

–  It just isn’t getting any easier.  The pain isn’t going away and it actually hurts more each day.  I don’t think I knew what I was saying before, but it is all starting to sink in now.  It is much worse than I realized. He hurt me more than I knew at first, and more than I let myself admit.  I protected him and defended everything he ever did and never put myself first. 

– I’m so sorry.

– Don’t be. It isn’t your fault.

– I know, but still – I feel bad for you.

– That’s exactly it, though.  Please don’t feel bad for me.  It isn’t helping.  I feel bad enough.

– Wait, so you don’t believe in all that destiny stuff anymore?  That’s such a big part of who you are.

– Nope.  I guess not.

– He’s a jerk.

– I know.

3 thoughts on “A Conversation – Overheard

  1. Guys also have similar convos among themselves when going through the same issues…we may not have them as often, and we may or may not go as deep but we do have them.

    Where’s this taken from, it sounds so familiar?


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