What if our love…

What if our love never went away?
What if it’s lost behind words we could never find?

-Daughtry (What About Now)

I really like the song “What About Now” by Daughtry.  Actually, the entire album, Daughtry, has songs with great lyrics.  They’re so poetic and romantic.  I was in the car earlier today when this song came on the radio.  I’ve listened to it a bunch of times before, but today was the first time I really heard these two lines.  I kept repeating them over and over to myself and thought that they were interesting.  

I love words, of course, but to think that we can lose things (and especially something as significant as love) because of the words we don’t say (or find things because of words we do say) is a pretty powerful idea.  It makes me wonder about all the things we don’t know or have because some words don’t translate from one language to another, or we never had the chance to share our words, or we just don’t know which words to use.  It makes me think about how the different words that we each know shape our lives.  Powerful, powerful.

I also really love the pure, pleading, vulnerability of these lines.  I tried to search a little to see who wrote the song lyrics, but didn’t find anything yet.  If anyone knows who wrote them, let me know!

~Melissa 🙂

2 thoughts on “What if our love…

  1. I haven’t heard much of Daughtry’s music, usually I can’t get pass his strained vocals. But I do find the lyrics that you’ve highlighted above beautiful indeed.

    Many have crossed paths with me, and some of them have touched my heart so deeply. Yet I have chosen to remain silent through each encounter, leaving words unspoken. I do wonder sometimes how things would be different today if I had just said those words to them.

    Words once spoken can change so many things. Friends become lovers and enemies, friends.

    Words left unspoken are like flowers that grow but never bloom. They sit there quietly. So much promise, but all came to naught. Almost a tragedy, and you are left wondering, sometimes forever.


  2. We’re in the same boat…his self-titled debut Album is very good. “Home” and “What About Now” are also some favorites, but they’re not just popular with me, but among my friends and family as well.

    Carrie’s “Jesus Take the Wheel” & Daughtry’s two aforementioned songs lead off one of Playlists that I listen to the most.

    To add to Monk’s comments, beyond just vocally expressing your thoughts and emotions, it takes one’s control to be able to transform those words into something meaningful (whether good or bad)…it’s when you take the time to actually think out your thoughts and emotions that end up having some of the greatest impacts you’ve experienced on another person. Sometimes it can be something good (a compliment or expression of love to your girlfriend), or something bad (an insult or expression of dislike to your enemy).

    At the same time, one can learn a lot by just listening…over time you can accumulate a lot of experiences on dealing with people by comparing how they interact with others, and how they relay that interaction to you. By just listening you can also get to know someone better, and from that you can learn new ways to express those words that are more directly related to that person’s way of thinking because you’ve spent the time to learn their way of thinking.


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