Best writing advice

What has been the best writing advice you’ve received?  Or, if you could pick one piece of advice to share with others, what would it be?

~Melissa 🙂

5 thoughts on “Best writing advice

  1. Melissa-
    my best advice, which I didn’t take until very recently, was always make an outline. It makes things so much easier. Especially when writing a paper, all you have to do is make an outline with the points that you want to get across and then the actually writing is so much easier, because then you can just flesh it out. It’s so much easier once you have the skeleton of the piece done.


  2. My advice is:
    Don’t try to be clever, funny, artful, or literary. Just try to be clear and tell an interesting story about interesting people. Good writing will emerge naturally. Always try to say things with fewer, simpler words.

    A book is like a body. Bone is absolutely necessary, Muscle is important, and a little bit of Skin makes it all look good. No one likes fat. Except for people who like fat, and they are not your audience. Focus on Bone and Muscle and you will go far.


  3. Whether writing or speaking, communicate to express rather than to impress. What’s the point of using a word like beleaguer around folks who would better understand harass or annoy?


  4. Probably to outline what you want to say on a separate paper, and keep jotting down any free-flowing thoughts relating to what you’re writing about on another piece of paper.

    That way you won’t lose any valuable pieces of ideas that would add substance to your work.


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