Commitment and the 1,000 Word Pledge

I have noticed that on a multitude of blogs, the authors post entries about how many words they have written that day, the status of a particular project (there are even widgets designed specifically for this purpose!) and I have sort of read those entries and just said, “Okay.  Gee, thanks for sharing.”  But, I … Continue reading Commitment and the 1,000 Word Pledge

“I am the only author…”

“I am the only author of the dictionary that defines me.” -Star Jones I found this quote today on the blog I really liked it because it has to do with authors and dictionaries...but also because it is about defining ourselves.   Some recent conversations have had me thinking about how we define our … Continue reading “I am the only author…”


Aestival – “Of or belonging to the summer.”  Isn't that a delightful word for such a sentiment?   I learned this word courtesy of's Word of the Day came just a few days ago and I thought it was appropriate to post here since the summer is winding down.  The summer is a … Continue reading Aestival

Sometimes there are just no words…

Sometimes, there are just no words that seem to fit.  The more you try to find the right word, the harder it becomes.  In cases like these, there is not much you can do, but let it be. The wrong words only make things worse.   abandoned, anguished, at a loss, at sea, baffled, bemused, … Continue reading Sometimes there are just no words…


Kismet- Any word that pertains to destiny or fate is simply beautiful to me because of its very essence.  I am a strong believer in destiny.  I believe that all things do happen for a reason, though it isn't always obvious what that reason may be at the time.  Appreciating that the relationships, experiences, and … Continue reading Kismet


Brackish - Nicholas Sparks uses this word a lot.  I think it appears at least once in each of his first several novels.  And, I love that it does!  When I first read it in The Notebook, I fell in love with it right away.  It is used to describe water that is slightly salty, … Continue reading Brackish


Unenviable – This word made its way into my notebook when a co-worker used it during a workshop to describe his interpretation of the role of special education teachers at the middle school level.  He had said that special education teachers had the “unenviable position of having to be experts at everything.” He was referring … Continue reading Unenviable

New Category – “Words”

There are some words that as we read them, or hear them in conversation, they stand out brightly among all of the others.  It could be for any number of reasons including the way the actual letters form the word, how it sounds when it is spoken, its meaning, its origin, or its obscurity.  I … Continue reading New Category – “Words”